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Oct. 20, 2021

A Life In Film Making - The Star Wars Episode!

A Life In Film Making - The Star Wars Episode!
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What was it like to be behind the scenes as the very first Star Wars films were made? What was it like to be in the room to hear John Williams' soundtrack for the first time? What were the differences working with George Lucas and James Cameron (Avatar)? And what Starwars memorabilia has our special guest got saved up for his retirement - and on which planet will that be? In this special edition of Mythmakers with a friend of the Oxford Centre for Fantasy, Joe Gallagher, we discuss the last half-century of filmmaking, with a focus on fantasy films. Joe, who held senior positions at ILM (George Lucas' special effects workshop), Fox studios and also worked for Universal, was there for many of the major films from Starwars to Avatar via Alien. We discuss the role of creatives in the industry, the evolution of special effects, and whether anything is now unfilmable. Watch out for his tips as to what studios are looking for in a script and his advice for those wishing to break into the industry.

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