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Sept. 8, 2021

The Magic of Middle Earth

The Magic of Middle Earth
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Today Julia Golding is joined by Matt Fox, creator of the Magic of Middle Earth exhibition currently showing at the Willis Museum, Basingstoke, Hampshire, open until 16 October. Matt's an avid collector of Tolkien-related artifacts. Hear about his huge collection, from artworks to bigatures, how he has recreated the Battle for Helm's Deep, and the chance for you to channel your inner hobbit for a selfie on his bar stool. We discuss what collecting has taught Matt about Tolkien and why is this is different from the world of sci-fi memorabilia collecting. What's the most collectible Tolkien toy prior to the Peter Jackson films? And in the most surprising turn in the conversation, find out about Smaug's missing legs! The exhibition is due to go on tour. You can get in touch with Matt and his collection on