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Feb. 24, 2022

The Oddest Inkling - Charles William... with Sørina Higgins

The Oddest Inkling - Charles William... with Sørina Higgins

Guest Sørina Higgins

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The oddest Inkling - that's Charles Williams, poet, playwright, novelist, editor, theologian, and occult practitioner. If you think the Inklings are summed up by Oxford dons, Lewis and Tolkien, think again, because Williams added an extraordinary influence to the group. Today Julia Golding is joined by a world expert on Charles William, Dr. Sørina Higgins, who has edited a modern edition of Williams Arthurian cycle of poems and is working on his connections to other writers of the period. This episode is everything you needed to know about Williams and was too afraid to ask! Did he influence Tolkien and Lewis and in what way? What's it like to read his poetry? We gallop through his many genres so you get a sense of what there is to read - there's a lot! And to conclude we take a bow towards Arthur and decide where in all the fantasy worlds is the best place to be a knight.

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